What To Do And What Not To Do To Make Six Packs Abes

Today Youths are attracted with well built body. Especially six pack abes. It doesn’t take a fixed time to make six pack in body. It depends on a person’s composition, energy and hard-working.
If you continue going gym, follow appropriate diet chart, you can get six pack. For that you should care on something.

Crunch Exercises
Crunch exercise itself is an easy exercise. It is the most important exercise to make six pack abes For doing this exercise you need to lie down on the floor and then try to raise the upper part of your body by taking breath in. It’s effect falls on muscles.

Long Arm Crunch, Reserve Crunch
In the comparison of crunch exercise, it is a bit difficult. For it first you need to lie on the floor freely then you should make bend your leg a little. Put your hands to the backside of your head and do crunch bring it near to your face.

For doing reserve crunch you need to stand with the help of your back body part by putting your hand below your head. You should make 90 degree angle between your nee and chest. Do crunch raising your legs.

Sit ups
First lie down on the floor then bend your legs. While bending your legs feet must touch the floor. And then take your hands on the back of your head or put on your chest. And try to take your shoulder to hip to meet the knee. As this muscles became energetic and start doing work. Helps in blood circulations. For sit ups you need to put the medicine wall or any weight on chest.

Leg lift
You need to make your hand and leg straight then lie down on the floor. The raise your legs an make 90 degree angle. Leave that angle for 6-10 seconds. Continue it 10-20 times per day that gives energy to the muscles of lower part of stomach and started to develop six pack.

Proper food
It make six pack it is essential exercise with proper food. You should consume foods containing protein. Food such as soybean,oats oatmeal must include in daily routine. Drink 3-5 liters of water per day. Soup and green vegetables are good for abes.

Non-Vegeterian Diet
Egg is profitable for our body. You should always have boiled egg. For six pack you need to consume egg as the instructor say. White part is good for it but yolk of an egg contain fat. Meat of he-goat contain protein, iron, zinc and sufficient amount of vitamin B. Having meat once a week is good for health. Fishes contain Omega 3 fatty acid which is good to develop six pack abes.

Supplement Side-effects
Supplement is not necessary to built six pack abes. Food containing nutrition is more effective than supplement. There are various side effects of having supplement without experts prescription.

Consume Sufficient Water
Our body is made with 70% of water. And muscles are filled with water as balloon. Sufficient water is needed for digestive system and blood circulation. If the water level is not sufficient then the exercises doesn’t work but shows the negative effect.

Hurriedly Exercises
Any work take a time to show its result. You mustn’t be hurry to get the result. This exercise takes some time In the world, there is no one exercise that built six pack within a week.

When you starts exercise, muscles become narrow and need to take out your breath. If you didn’t do so, it may bring problem in stomach. So to make effective abes you need to take out your breath properly.