Mother save daughter from the mouth of Leopard

We had see many movies where human being did f!ght with animals and save their life. But in real life also, a woman form Nauniha village from Mtipur Range, Bahraich district, Uttar-Pradesh State, India. 6 years old lady was playing with friends a game of tigers and other animals. A leopard enter into the village and c@ught that 6 years old girl.


Her mother was doing work of kitchen. She saw a leopard and her daughter whose head was inside the mouth of leopard. It was around 6 P.M. Her daughter sh)uted once and then leopard c@ught her head tightly. After that, she was unable to produce sound. Mother feel powerless. But she didn’t feel weak and tried to save her daughter. She c@ught both legs of daughter.

Mother c@ught the both legs and leopard, head. Both are producing power. Woman use brain and @ttack leopard. Leopard leave that small girl. Till the time, many villagers were presented there and they success to save the child from further @ttack of leopard. As per villagers, they were totally in trouble from the @ttack of wild animals because of near jungle. As per doctors, small lady is out of d@nger.