Two boys get pun!shment from a girl

Have you ever t@ase any girl? If not is it good in society, if yes stop doing such. Otherwise you prestige will totally finished due to social media sites and other sectors of communication. Today, we are sharing a news of Jalandhar city of Punjab, India where a girl give very interesting and funny punis#ment to two boys.

As per lady, since many months, same two boys were te@se her at every time. One day, that lady sl@pped both the boys and carried cow dung on both hands. She put that cow dung on face of both boys. After sometime, public people handed that both boys in nearby police station. The main reason of her anger is both boys tried to kept her inside the car.

In the video, both boys asked to that lady forgive them but she was too angry. She put the cow dung on their face and sl@pped them. Both of them are looking as belongs to prestigious family.