Because Of Such Habits Of Boys, Girls Did Not Like Them, What Are The Reasons?

When a girl and a boy stay in the relation, they must know the feeling of each other. The behave of girl and boy is different. Some of boys behave do not liked by girls. Need to care it.

Boys like forting. If they saw a beautiful girl they start forting by steering. The girls do not think that he is a good guy if he is continuing forting.

They fort with other girls and if his beloved talked with another guy he became jealous.

Not Replying Message
Girls get angry when her lover did not reply the phone call or message. Such activities are disliked by girls.

Some boys start their conflict in small issue too. A boy who gets angry in small issue are dislike by girls and also who raise their hands because of irritation.

Some boys do not respect the girls. Friends who do not give respect to them are disliked by girls.

Not Spending Time
Girls hate those who spent more time with friends than his beloved. All girls have desire that her partner spent more time with her.