17 years lady student from Basundhara

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. More than 40% of total population of Nepal live in Kathmandu valley due to the developed city and more opportunity. After the education of class 10, maximum students also enter into Kathmandu valley for further education. They live without parents and other family members. Due to teen age and lack of parents guidelines, maximum adult students follow the bad path.

$exu@l activities in college uniform, watching movies with partner in college dress and going other places to enjoy in college uniform are the most serious problems for adult Nepali student who lives in Kathmandu, lack of parents. House owner of Kathmandu valley also give the rooms on rent for those students. A house owner of Basundhara also give the two rooms for a lady student of grade 12 from Gulmi on rent. One day, house owner give order to leave the rooms and go far from that place.

After this type of decision by house owner, she and their neighbors being sh)cked. Neighbors request to house owner that she is a lady student and she will unable to leave the rooms immediately. They also request to give the time of a week or some days to change the room. But, when the house owner shared the fact about that lady, who is involved in $exu@l activities, neighbors become speechless.

She was living there on rent in two rooms paying nine thousands per month. More than one dozens of student friends visit her rooms on queue and did $exu@l activites. Such type of activities started since a year ago but house owner thought that, they all are her friends. But one day, house owner want to checked the condition of room inside. $exu@l activities is increasing day-by-day in Nepal from Thamel, Kathmandu to every rooms of Kathmandu. Nepal Police want to stop such activities but they unable.