4.5 million needed for son in Saudi Arabia

Foreign employment is one of the most popular employment for Nepalese people. Due to lack of employment opportunities, poverty and high rate of inflation in Nepal, more than 2 million people are in foreign countries for employment and study. The most problem of those Nepali people who are in foreign countries is blo)d money in gulf countries with Malaysia and Oman. Similarly, Nepali people who are in developed foreign countries did su!cide in increasing numbers.

Thaneshwor Bushal from Madannagar, Nawalparasi is in Saudi Arabia since 4 years. Due to the lack of money for the treatment of father, he went Saudi to earn money. Some months ago, he got an @ccident and 2 people were d!ed. After the report and live video clips of @ccident, court of Saudi Arabia pun!shed him and pen@lized for 1.5 lakhs money of Saudi which equals to 4.5 million Nepali rupees. He drive the vehicle in Saudi Arabia.

His wife also got next marriage with another man and she is now out of contact from his family. In his house, grandmother of more than 100 years, his mother Yamaklam and dis@ble father are live. All of them are old age people. Daughter-in-law leave the home. At such situation, Yamaklam unable to collect such a huge amount of money for son in Saudi Arabia.