Child Pilot of 14 who bre@ks the records

You were traveled by airplane and you can see there the team of captain, vice-captain and air-hostesses in domestic airplane. We can see the air hostess of around 23 years to 30 years but the team of captain will more than 35 and 40 years. Minimum age of pilots you have ever seen will be 30 years not less than that.

But a boy of United Arab Emirates, 14 years old become a pilot who bre@ks the all records of other younger pilots. He is a boy origin of India named Manshoor Anish. He handle the Sesana 152 airplane for 10 minutes on air. He landed down the plane after 10 minutes. At that time, he handle the plane like the other senior pilots. With the record, he received the license of trial period of pilot.

Father of Manshoor is Indian people belongs to Nagpur and his uncle is a pilot. From the small age, he was positive towards airplane. He play the dolls of helicopter and airplane and had dream of becoming pilot. After the hard and long practice, Mansoor become a pilot and break the record of boy from Germany.