Egg Vs Chickens Meat: Which is good to eat?

Chickens produce first or egg? The discussion has not been concluded. Though one has fixed that egg or chickens, which is good? Both are the sources of protein. Protein is the essential element for our body growth. Protein is the most essential to those who do hard work and exercises. Food contains protein are: grains, Milk products, bean, biz, dry foods, fish, etc.

In case of egg and chicken, there present confusion, which is good among them?

Chicken is good if you want low calorie, low fat and more protein in the comparison to egg. In the comparison to chicken, egg contains less protein and has higher amount of colestrole.

We can get 27 gram of protein in 100 gram of chicken where 13 gram in egg. Namely, in the comparsion to egg, chicken contains double protein. Egg contains more colestrole which makes blood circulation slow. It causes heart @ttack and high blood pressure.

Per egg contain 3.5 gram fat and 140 ml colestrole where 85 gram turkey, pork and chicken contain 5.7 gram fat and 50-60 ml colestrole. When colestrole freezes in our body, blood tissues start to freeze and create problems in blood circulation. So, it increases the possibilities of high colestrole and stoke.

How much protein is need for our body per day?
According to research, as the weight of body a person needs 0.8 gm protein per kilo. For example: If your weight is 50 kg, you need to multiply it with 0.8gm, the result comes 40. Namely, 50 kg person need 40 gm of protein.
Though who do hard work and exercises need 1.5 gm protein per kg.