Aloevera May be H@rmful in These Conditions

Aloevera, is useful plant for both health and beauty. It is useful to remove the stain from face or stomach. As well as, it works as medicine for few diseases. Mainly we have been listening the benefits of aloevera. But there are some disadvantages of it too.

1. Low effect of Medicine
If you are having a medicine then without doctor’s suggestions you cannot consume Aloevera because it contains the element named laxative. It stops to shoe the reaction of medicine to your body. If you are consuming both medicine and aloevera juice, I such condition medicine does not show the reaction.

2. Suffer from Di@rrhea
If you use in maximum amount of aloevera, you may suffer from Di@rrhea because it contains the elements like: Anthraqubnon and laxative. So you may suffer from di@rrhea.

3. Low level of Potassium
If you are consuming aloevera in wrong way, it may be h@rmful and it will decrease the level of potassium.

4. Occur Misc@rr!ge
Pregnant women should not consume aloevera because the maximum use of it may occur misc@rr!ge. As well it effects to the child too. We should avoid it for those children who were under 12.