Youth of Bhairahawa Made an Electrical Bull-Dozer

One youth of Bhairahawa made an electrical bull-dozer. He has been working as a carpenter of Omsatiya VDC’s 23 years old Rishimuni Malla has made a bull-dozer.

With the help of 6 small motors, 2 cells of mobile phone, zinc and wood, he made an electrical bull-dozer, Malla said.

He says without any expenditure he made it with the things available at his home. He had made it within 2 years because of lack of the things. He had studied up to grade eight and his electrical bull-dozer take out and throws the soil.

He uses remote to run it and run for one hour when it charges once.

He was inspired by the toys made with plastids. Before it he had made such type of motorcycle steamer also. In upcoming days he would made a helicopter, he said.