Have You Donated Your Blood? There Are The Benefits

Blood Donation has been saving many people’s lives in a year. Human blood could not make, so people donate blood and humans are the source of blood. So you also donate the blood. All know that blood donation saves the lives of many people, but you know, there are benefits of blood donation. These are 4 benefits.

Heart remain healthy: Many people may not know that continuous blood donation manage the quality of iron. More iron h@rm Oxidation that h@rms tissue. Not only it manages the irons and also saves from heart disease. Decrease the r!sk of liver disease and cancer: Though, there is not a claim that blood donation decrease the r!sk of liver disease and cancer. But the effect of blood donation to liver is good, shows by a research. The functions of liver depend upon the metabolism of iron. It manages the level of iron and saves from liver d@m@ge.

Help to lose your weight: During the first blood donation you will lose 650-700 calories. Weight depends on calorie, if you lose your calorie, your weight also lose itself. Although, you need to donate blood only one time in three month. Heart satisfaction: There is no doubt, after donating blood your heart will be satisfied because there is no alternative of human blood, so important work too. When you donate your blood, it works for 3/4 different diseases that provides you a satisfaction.