Not To Put The Photos Of Ancestors, Brings Such Problems

Now, running ancestors side (Shora Saradha). Hindu people pray for their ancestor during this time.
It is the time of doing special pray in the memory of their ancestors. But in such condition people used to put their ancestor photos in praying room where people keep the idols of gods and goddess.

But according to the astrology thought photos of ancestor should not hang on the prayer room. If you do so, family face un-peace and un-luck.

According to Hindu Religion, after the death of a person sprite goes to the body of another person. And worship for sprite only. So after going out of the sprite a body will be burned. Now worship the ancestor near of god and goddess is censure of god because there is no born and death of god and goddess, only incarnation in the earth.

According to astrology the photos of god and goddess should hang on the north or north-east direction. Praying room must be in the same direction. And the ancestor photos should hang on the south-west direction. If you didn’t put the photos according to the astrology then create the conditions of un-peace and cr!s!s.

Death ancestor photos should put in the separate room.