Control of Diabetes using Cinnamon, Household Method

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. For the treatment of it cinnamon is more beneficial. Regular use of cinnamon saves you from causing diabetes. Cinnamon controls the quality of glucose in blood.

Methods of consuming
1. In the beginning, you need to put the power of cinnamon in a cup of water. Then boil it and drink. You can add it with milk too. If you continue it, you will be free from diabetes.
2. Make dust of cinnamon, mix it with tea and drink. Drink such tea twice a day, it controls diabetes.
3. Daily use of 3 gm decreases the glucose quantity.

Maximum use of cinnamon will harm in our health. So you can consume in the minimum amount.

Note: The given health information was taken from different newspapers and online. It is needed to consult with the doctors for proper use of cinnamon. Such information is presented about any topics. So before using the tips take the suggestions of doctor. These all tips are related with Aayurvedic system but for the proper use of it, it is better to take the suggestion of specialist.