A Couple thought, Punishment of Imprisonment Is Their Own luck, Marry In Prison

A couple had married in the prison of Oakhaldhunga. From the year of 2064 Prakash Katuwal is living his life in prison and Dhanuka Karki who was released from the prison on republic day, got married.

Karki was taken to the prison in m*rd*r case in 2063 and Katuwal had completed 40% of his punishment had got married in the prison. There is the presence of district police office’s (Nayab) supervisor Dependra Shah, helper Tilichin Rimal and jailer Januka Neupane are in the side of their parents.

Both were in the love relation from 2066 said by the bride Dhanuka karki. They claimed that they will be neglected by the society, so they get married. Bridegroom Prakash Katuwal was taken in the prison in case of r@pe. Both of them fall in love during their punishment. According to the police officer Dependra Shah said that provision of open imprisonment started in World Wide form. So he was happy in this marriage.