Dog hypnotizes 11 people on Chinese TV show

A short footage from a Chinese TV show has been uploaded on the internet and it is gaining everyone’s attention. The video is only 2 minutes long and it is very sh)ck!ng. In the video, a woman sits on the stage with a black Japanese spitz on her lap. There are few people in front of her as the audience and judges watch.

The people are simply staring at the dog and the dog is looking at them back and blinking. Nothing seems so special but when a man suddenly falls asleep on the stage, everyone freaks out.

The dog has the ability to hypnotize people and in the video, the dog is simply hypnotizing the people to sleep. That is not all, some people even in the audience get tired and start to yawn as they watch the dog. Slowly all the people sitting in front of the dog in the stage start to fall asleep. And as other people are added, they also start to sleep. Even the judges are mesmerized and are in complete $hock.