How To Make You and Your Child Healthy During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the stage you need to take care physically and mentally. In such condition you need to take care in a small matter from catering to lifestyles. Need to think positive that helps a baby to be good. Result child and mother, both of their health remain healthy.

1. Caring Before Delivery
When you notice that you are pregnant, you need to meet doctors. It is important to take care before delivery for both mother and child. Why to make such plan of care taking?
• Not need to face difficulties.
• Can get suggestion about precautions.
• Have sufficient time for ultrasound scan or other tests.
• Need to develop good relation with doctor to make proper personal care. As well consult with doctors. Take contact number of doctor that will help you in difficulties and consult with doctor.

2. Eat Hygienic Food
If you are pregnant, you need to eat for two persons. The latest research says the first three month of pregnancy, two hundred extra calorie is important. Namely how much calorie do you need is depend on it, what is your weight before your pregnancy. And also depend on how many children in your womb.

During pregnancy balance and healthy food is important. Need to have sufficient amount of green vegetables or fruits and carbohydrates such as: bread, rice etc. Protein is necessary during this time and can get from fish, meat, egg, papaya, lentil etc.

Need to consume milk and milk products per day. Such as: Milk, curd, ice-cream, butter, etc. If you dislike milk and its products then have foods that contain calcium like almonds, beans, Soya milk, soybean, butter etc.

In a day you need to consume heavy food three times and five times balance food.
Need to drink 8-10 glass of water per day. Stay away from the food that contains caffeine and artificial taste. But have fresh fruits juice, soup and milk.

3. Concentrate on freshness of food
There are some foods which are not appropriate to eat during pregnancy. Such food may be r!sky for child’s health.

Listeria germs cause Listeriosij. It is endangered but simply creates problems. Namely it creates the r!sk during pregnancy or delivery. It may be the main cause of miscarriage or d disease of a child.
Raw milk, meat, properly un-cleaned green vegetables contain Listeria. So you need to wash and clean it before eating.

It is a kind of endangered bacteria that brings s*riou$ d@ng*r on child. It can be found in raw and fully uncooked meat and clay. So meat should be cooked properly. Vegetables should be cleaned properly.

It makes our food po!$onou$ and also h@mper to your child. Properly uncooked chickens and eggs contain it. So you need to boil properly.
Eat fresh food as possible. If you are consuming the ready-made food then be careful about expiry date. Properly cooked food which we kept in the freeze. It may also the polluted one.

4. Put High Level Of Iron
During pregnancy, need to consume foods that contain sufficient iron which will raise the iron level and can save from Anemia. Vegetarian foods contain less iron. If you are Non-Vegetarian, need to care while consuming iron.
He-goats meat, chickens and fish are the sources of iron. Green vegetables, fenugreek leaves, Peppermint, green coriander, radish spinach, raisin, fruits, lentil etc.

5. Take Folic acid supplements
During pregnancy vitamin supplements is alternative of balance diet. Folic acid is only one such supplement which is all. It can reduce born diseases of a child and can increase the natural nutrition by consuming folet. We can get it in vegetables such as: (palungo), Peas, Ladies fingers, salad etc. It also contains the most important nutritional element calcium.

6. Regular Exercises
A good exercise provides energy and it controls the growth of weight during pregnancy as well to tol*r@te p@in during delivery. And also help to lose weight after delivery.
Exercises raise anticipate that save us from being depressed during pregnancy. A new study shows that the activeness helps to increase the level of Serotonin. It is a kind of brain chemical that is connected with our mentality.
Before doing Yoga you need to know about different positions from yoga specialists or doctors. You should not wear the fitting dress while doing yoga.