Maitidevi Temple, Fulfill The Desires of Heart.

Maitidevi temple lies between the Dillibazar and Gyaneswor where newar’s bajracharya community people worship from several generations. They were known as the care taker of the temple.

It was established in 685 BS, during the ruling period of Amshuverma. From the several years, it has been worshipping in every morning and evening and sings the religious songs. Local people and the priests have taken the responsibilities to run the cultural works.
The main priest Tirthajyoti Bajracharya who always worships that temple says that around hundred peoples come to worship here. He said that he felt he was a lucky because he has continuing the work of his ancestors and give the service to the public. His ancestors have been continuing worship for one hundred 20 year.

A Priest who worships everyday got the salary of Rs 5 hundred and worshiping expenditure Rs 2 thousand and 2 hundred. In every month the plinth was collected nearly 2 lakhs rupees, said Bajracharya. Especially, ther held a crowd of pilgrimage on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pligrimage believe that the goddess would be fulfilled the wants of them.

Nearly 5 ropanies of area is covered by this temple where 5-6 hundred people worship there from morning to evening. And there is the especial fair on the day of “Kukur Tihar” in every year
The continuous worshipper of this temple Anju Shrestha says, “When I worship here I get satisfaction in my heart and wants of my heart has been fulfilled.” She is continuing her worship since her childhood.

Coconut, Laddu and other worshipping objects are use to worship. On the day of the greatest festival “Bada Dashain”, there use to offer animal in the temple. In the early morning, holding handful of worshipping object, in a line 65 years old Khimadevi Silwal says that Maitidevi was her heart’s mother. She believed on goddess from her childhood and promises to continue worshipping.

There are many people who use that place as a resting place. During summer season Many people come and sit under the peepal tree to remove their hotness an in winter season people use to sit in the open place to get warm from sunlight.

Maitidevi Temple is becoming the attraction place of internal and external tourists. A member sectary of Temple management committee Darshan Mahato says that last e@rthqu@ke destroys the Pati Pauwas around the temple and requesting to construct it. The main source is the plinth of the pilgrimage of donation is use for the management of Cultural Heritage Maitidevi, member sectary Mahato said.