Not Only The Pickle Of Black Sesame Of Our Own Field But also Beneficial To Health

Black Sesame is used to produce seeds and oil. It can easily remove the dandruff, swab or stain, black circles from our face. As well it works as a medicine of back pain. For it apply the following methods.

To remove swab or stain
Mix the dust of Cumin, caraway, Black sesame, Brassisa Juncea and green mustard with milk. And apply in the stain and swab. Slowly it reduces.

Disease of Back pain
Make the mixture of 100gm of black sesame, 10 gm centella asiatica, 10 gm dust of peppercorns, 10 gm dust of dry ginger, 10 gm dust of long peeper, 5 gm fried ferula assa-foetida and put it in a glass. And when pain starts mixed that dust with (Misri) water and drink three times per day. It will make you fine.