Now, Manpower Could Not Take Cash With Those Who Are Going To Foreign Employment

Nepalese who want to go in foreign employment, government should not take more amounts with them. While going in the foreign employment people need not to pay more money to the manpower companies but manpower companies are taking more money and cheating those people.

Cheating is more than its limitations but also the whole responsible parties became silent. Before 2 years ago, government had fixed to take the payment of 10 thousand with bill to the foreign employer who wants to go in bay and 7 other countries. But also the Nepalese are in the compulsion to pay more than 10 times to manpower companies to go foreign countries. Even they go to foreign countries like that but also they need to come back because of improper employment and beg the loss amount.

Now, government had made a law about it and manpower cannot take a thick amount with the foreign employer. The rule that recently made includes the rule that manpower needs to do its accounting process through bank. That means manpower cannot get the money directly. If a manpower takes it, it will be crime against law.

As well manpower needs not to give the written bill to the workers when they get the payment after assimilating the new rule. The rules were passed as it is and the process of sending workers of manpower business will start in banking process. And it is believe that it will control the cheating.

The payment bill of worker to manpower needs to submit in the department of the foreign employment.

And as the rule if a worker is cheated by the manpower company, then a worker can go to district administrative office and complain there about it. And the district chief will take the decision over that complain and tries to maintain it. After getting the right, a district can take the reaction to those manpower companies who are cheating to the workers and it also helps to those cheated workers. They can easily complain about it and can get justice. Before this all the works related with foreign employment is the responsibility of department of foreign employment and tribunal of foreign employment.