As This You Can Know Your love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage.

According to the astrological anthropology, we can get different information with the help of lines in our palm. Lines in our palm is not changeable normally and effecting in our life. With the help of those lines we can get the information about our family condition, marriage, wealth, education, foreign tour etc.

Palm includes a line of life, line of luck, line of heart, line of sun, line marriage and line of child are important. An astrologer said that with the help of line in our palm, an astrologer can say the type of marriage: love or arrange. Near a line of marriage there is line of a child too. How to know? This line is below the little finger. It is called as Buddha Parbat and its ending was deep. That line is called marriage line. These line many not be single. A person who has more than one marriage has more love affairs, astrologer says. If those lines go down then their marital life will not be good.

The marriage line in a girl seems like a lake in symbol then those girls need to face another wife of her husband and ri$ky in false marriage. Such girl husband’s health will not be good. If the line touched the line of sun then their marital life will be successful as well as get success in their life. If the line breaks down in the middle then it is a symbol of being widow Line of child: It starts from the little finger. It is a horizontal line and this line will help to know the number of child claimed by the astrologers.
If you study deeply then you can know whether a child is male or female.