New Nepali lok dohori song “Feri chalyo jammu Kashmir ko ladai” by Tara Budha Magar & Tika Pun

Ramesh B.G., a popular surgeon, in the presentation of Magdaguri. The word “Jummu Kaiser went on to fight” is a genius of talented singer Tara Budharmagar, in the word ‘Creation’ … Bold’s video is public in YouTube.This video has taken place by Rajesh Ghimire. This song is directed by Prakash Bhatt, edited by Bishnu Sharma. Ramesh B. G who had became the Music Star of Budhamagar. The video will be found in the video of Kabita Ale and Star Buddha. In the song, the singer Tika re-accompanied Tara Budharmar.

When the house arrived in Dashain, the parents were beaten up when the solders of Jammu Kashmir returned to the war without celebrating the festival that is close to them. Even they cannot spend their holidays properly, they need to go back for the war by killing all their desires to spent time with friends and family.
Soldiers cannot run their life as they want. They must be ready anytime for the crisis management. That is the p@inful moment of all soldiers and their family members.