New Nepali Song “Aaideuna” by Nabin Khadka

Competitive Pratap Das of the reality show ‘Nepal Idol’ that has broadcasted from AP1 television, has also acted on music videos.

Das, who got into the ‘Top Three’ of Idol, has enslaved all their art and throat. He has performed well in a music video played in 2016. Nabin Khadka has acted in the lyrics, music and tone of ‘Idayu Na’ Bolt. The song has acted with Savina and Minakshi. The popular show is ‘Nepali Tara’, which is broadcast from Nepal Television in 2015, is also a hit person in Top 10. He now has Buddha Lama and Nishan Bhattarai with ‘Top Three’ of idol. The grand finale of the idol will be held in Doha on June 9.

It is a love song and explains about the features of a girl. The Melodious song reflects the comparison of the beauties of girl and the nature. And a boy’s feeling towards a girl. And the surrounding is of restaurant and their nature of following.