MELINA RAI ‘s TALLA GHARE SAILA New Official Music Video

Music video of a song “Taraghaghai Saila”, that is on the voice of singer Melina Rai. Shanola Thapa has directed the video of this song, which is the best music of SD Yogi, in the word “Dil Ghorai Saila”, for the long-term communication worker Deependra Ghimire. Rakesh Gurung has recorded the song “Erge” in the audio formula of the song. Rajiv Summer has choreography on the video being shocked by Arjuna Tiwari and the edit was done by Super Parajuli.

In the video, hero Prabhari Acharya is acting together. Producer Chandra Gautam, who produced a movie like Dumdar, Heroo Returns, has made a video. Prabhu Prayer of the video, after giving birth to his music video after Siala, gave birth to Saiwala, leaving Babu Acharya, who has been debuted from this video, said that this music video is quite high on her own. Deependra Ghimire, a creator of this song, has been seen in the past a decade ago, said that this song is publicity, adding that he added adding motivation for writing songs.