Couple gets 10 years imprisonment because of a viral photograph

A couple gets an imprisonment of 10 years because of a photograph that being viral in social media. A couple is in wedding dress and photo of Sri-Lanka. This photo is sharing a lot in social media. But this photo traps them in a law.

In this photo a bride was mentioned because of her Sari and that is the longest sari that has ever wore by a bride in Sri-Lanka. A bride wear 2 miles long sari. But now she was in a trap because of that sari. A bride let 250 school children to hold her sari. Taking school children in private program is against of a law. For it 10 years of imprisonment may be the punishment. Children are hired from the two private schools of Sri-Lanka.

According to the chief of Authority, they will take recent action for them. To stop such tradition punishment should take place.