Which work is beneficial for which day from Sunday to Saturday

You will be beneficial if you work as a day and zodiac. According to Hindu religion there are different religious treatises and Vastu anthropology that makes the provision to provide good work and its result. AS it, it contains the issues of your walking, starting work, etc.

You will be beneficial if you work by caring days. Sunday: Work including ending, song, sitting, social work, buying and selling cows and bulls, praying, suggest, medicine production, anthropology, gold, silver, copper, wool, cloth and business of red object is good on Sunday. Monday: A sacrificial act can be done, selling and buying of cows, buffalos, horses, grass, plants, diamond, silver and friendship with women is appropriate. Tuesday: Discriminate, illegal work, anthropological work, confl!ct, deceipt, snobbery, keeping military, Subarna metal, Muga, working of bleeding is good.

Wednesday: On this day, cleverish, efficiency, good work, study, anthropological services, drawing, architecture, job and debate is good. Thursday: Religious work, sacrificial act, praying, study about new work, clothing, starting journey is good. Friday: Singing, Mani, Ratna, diamond, good smelling, cloth, happiness, accounting, business, storing and farming work is appropriate. Saturday: Lying, cheating, deceipt, home entry, constant work, job, opening companies, iron, sword, etc. work is appropriate.