Dashain Glory: Mahishasur and birth of Goddess DurgaMata

Hindu religious story related with Dashain. The demon was born by a $exu@l relation of a male and a Mahishi(buffalo). So he was named as Mahishasur.
His desire rises to be immortal. For it he prayed for a long time. Brahma was praised by him and and said to take bless. Mahishasur beg a bless of immortal that means never d!e. Then Brahma said everyone need to d!e.

Mahishasur think and said, “Give me a bless that no one can k!ll me. MNy de@th must be in woman’s hand.”
Brahma said, “Yamastu” and went from there.
Now his arrogance and snobbery had risen. He started to make cr!s!s in the society and attacked god and goddess of Indralok.
All god and goddess became sad because of his activities. They call a goddess. The goddess was presented.

It was said that the war of goddess and Mahishasur was run for 9 days. After 9 days he was k!lled. During Dashain People celebrate Dashain happily. That day was Awsin Sukla Pachhya Dasami.
On the basis to this myth, Goddess Durga Was worshipped. In Hindu religion Goddess Durga is taken as the powerful goddess. Goddess Durga is also known as Durga Bhawani, Jagadamba, Mahakali, etc.
Dashain or BijayaDashami is taken as good over bad. According to the religion, Durga take birth to k!ll the demon.
During Nawarat we worship that Durga Mata. It is a religious believed that if we worship goddess durga, we will get the power.