Are you tired of Fake news? Find out the fake news in facebook

Facebook became the first and fast medium of news and information. All the news and information may not be accurate.
The fake news makes people in confusion time timely.
Facebook fakenews are being success to make confusion from the news of American election for the president to small events or @ccidents. In the context of Nepal many of the facebook users are not cble to find out the fake news and accurate news.

Facebook, itself rise the different steps after the discussion of people upon the fake news and criticize it. Facebook has aware people how to know the fake news and the accurate news.
Here are the tips to identify the fake news.
1. Doubt in headlines: Read the headline carefully. It may be sensational. But the headline may be incomplete so not to criticize after reading just a headline.
2. Focus on URL: URL of fakenews will be uncleared that indicate the news is false one. They copied the sources and changes in social sites. You can go through the site to compare the established sources.
3. Source investigation: Identify the believable source. If the source is unknown then you can go to about section and study it.
4. Study critically: Fakenews contain the spelling mistakes and wrong in pattern. If you see such things Read carefully.
5. Think on photos: Fake news contains the edited photos using Photoshop and wrong videos. Sometimes photos may be real but in another angle. You can search the source of photo in google.
6. Date: Dateline of news may be fake which do not have any meaning or change the date of an incident.
7. Certificates: Examine the source of writer. If there is lack of information the news may be fake.
8. Another report: If there is not another sources then that may be fake news. If there are more than one source is mentioned then you need to accept it.
9. Is it a joke? : Sometimes it may be comedic. First identify whether it is comedic or not.
10. Some news itself is fake: Think critically after reading news. If the is believable then be sure and share it.