These cannot be told to anyone. What are these things?

Chakakya, a policyist of civil philosophy, has talked about the policy of things that would be done and not in life. Compliance of policy is said to have happiness in life. Chanakya has mentioned such things that should not be said to anyone in life, that is, the rule of these four things should always be with them. Anthropology Manastraph housewivescharthy f. Nechwakya samaphan mantiman lyash ..

As mentioned in this verse, there are things that do not say to anyone in life: Nothing should be said to anyone who has lost money. Instead of helping people than others, we lose money or loses the opposite away. Even if you have a problem with money or loss, why do not you tell others why instead of helping people know your financial situation? As long as possible, keep the rules of financial situation limited to yourself. Chanakya has said that he should not say to others about his tranquility, that is, his stress in his heart. If we start to tell our sorrows, you will have to be ridiculous to others rather than to get solutions from others. People love to hurt others. When other makes fun of you, instead of decreasing your suffering increases. It is important to keep a secret in life, talk about your husband or wife. If you start telling others about your wife or a husband’s lover, others may be relieved or immoral. It enhances fears and fights in the family. As possible the spouse or wife should not be talked to others. Never let others say that you are insulted in life. If anyone has insulted you, keep these things with you too. This is the risk of becoming more joke than others. You are more likely to be insulted.