How did Lord Shiva’s name become ‘Pashupatinath’? 11 interesting facts

The temple of Pashupatinath is an important pilgrimage of historic religious and tourist attractions in Kathmandu district. This temple is one of the 275 ‘Paradigm Parmam’ (Shiva’s holy place) in this world. Pashupatinath is usually worshiped by Shivaji. That is why the devotees of the main community, like Shiv, Shakti, Vaishnav, Buddh, Jaun, Ganapat, Nath, Sikh, see Pashupatinatha, look at the same beliefs and beliefs. In this area there are different monuments and different places of worship in various communities.

In today’s religion, we are not able to give you information on some of the interesting facts about this sacred place in which all the rituals will be completed from birth to death.  KMP ward no. 8 of Bagmati zone. This temple, situated on the banks of the Bagmati River, has spread to 240 hectares of land (4,969 ropanies). The temple of Pashupatinath lies in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Area’ under cultural heritage. In 1979, UNESCO listed the temple of Pashupatinath in the world heritage area. This temple has been constructed in the Nepali Pagoda style, so it is found in all the features of the Pagoda style, which are made of very beautiful dried wood. If there are two levels of golden gold and copper made of this temple, then the remaining four doors are silver. It is also the golden gold of the main temple. The name of Lord Shiva is in the form of ‘Pashupatinath’. Shivaji’s name is mentioned in many texts and Vedas, but Shivaji’s real name is mentioned in Shivpuran, ‘Pashupatinath’.

According to the mythology, after the war of Mahabharata, the Pandavas asked for the remedy of Lord Krishna and Visham to fight for the sins of the tribe. After seeing that Lord Shiva’s philosophy was free from the sins of the tribe, the Pandavas went to the Himalayas to see Shivaji. Seeing the pandavas, Lord Shiva was conceived by Bhaiasi and concealed in the flock of Bhansi. The Pandavas were shifted to the Bhansasi revolution Shiva while passing near to see the Shivasi revolution Shiva. When Kedarnath God appeared in ‘Kedarnath’, when Shivaji was tied to the land after Shiva’s touched Pandav touched, then Pashupatinath was present in God Nepal. The Pandavas thus touched the animal of Shiva and freed from the sins of the tribe. This is because God Shiv was called ‘Pashupatinath’ because of the appearance of animals. According to another story mentioned in Sarsavasthan, Lord Shiva took a form of a deer and made a paradise with a parthritis in the mild forest. Hence, Lord Shiva was called ‘Pashupatinath’. And what is also believed, the forest of the pastors of the temple of Pantaparnath, which was earlier believed to be the first known as the mulberry forest. According to the oldest of Nepal’s ‘Gopal Raj Genealogy’, the lord King ‘Sapapore Dev’ built Pashupatinath temple. According to one another genealogy, before the construction of the Pashupatinath Temple five years later, the Shivlal Dev was the size of a shivelength in that place. As the time passed, the work of maintenance of the temple was also increasing. Therefore, the medieval king of Nepal, Shivdev, had rebuilt the temple of Pashupatinath. Later, the Malayus King had been shouted in that temple. According to the mythology, Chandravan, who was in Nepal, sat on the mountain of ‘Himalayan cows’ to wish for the cave to the Himalayan. Functions used to offer their milk daily on top of the mountain. So, after thousands of years, the cow began to offer milk to the place where one day there was a beautiful shivering shivling of the surrounding people. Then they were worshiping Shivling. This place is also believed to be called Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath is a statue of ‘Viruppaksh’ on the back of the temple. This idol is also known as ‘Shakti idol’ in Nepal. This statue is also one of the old idols of Nepal. The devotee is considered to be the human form of Lord Shiva. It is said to be slowly rising from the surface of the idol. When it comes completely from the idol ground, it is believed that the end of the world. Yeni kali yoga is believed to end. After counting on time cycle, this statue is completely completed in the Satyuga, and it is believed to be repeatedly slowly processed.  B.Sc. The Warpak of Gorkhha District on December 20 was built in the center of 7.8 magnificent rector in E@rthqu@ke, where the original temple of Pashupatinath was found to be safe due to ‘Daikwik-Vedic-Vastu Shakti’ (Shiva Dynasty Science), although the temple damaged some small temple outside the laboratory. Have been seen Two years back, Shri Kedar Nath temple was also safe in the General Assembly.