No one did not keep the money found on the road, who are these people? There is also such honesty in our society

Kulananda Acharya, working as a worker at B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, revealed that Arjun Pariyar’s luggage bag along with the money found in Narayanghad. Acharya, who found a bag on the way on the way, returned home from the office on Sunday evening, after seeing that he had some cash with the cloth in the bag. While going to his home, his wife Janaki Acharya used to hand over Kalika FM to interact with the related person, and handled the bag.

Acharya lives in Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality 15, but B. P. Koirala will be working as a colleague at the Memorial Cancer Hospital, if he is also the conductor of the Indrani Party Palace in Gaidakot. When Acharya took care of bag and hand over it to at Kalika FM, we opened the bag, with a purse number of 9812268910, the number of bags of bagged clothes named Arjun Pariyar, was open with a purse, while looking at Rs 11,540.

We took the same number and went to the number Gaidkot Municipality VDC No. 1, where Arjun Pariyar was living in the rented room. That morning, at Arjun FM’s office, he claimed that he was a bug-eyed. We got a photo in that bag and got the face of Arjun, not only the phone number inside the purse, even though he was aware of the number of citizens in his face.

Arjun had fallen on the road to Gaidkot via Trichok, while Kulananda had found near West Gate of Army Barrack. Kulananda, a worker working as a general worker, but also the money in that bag did not take his mind, even in their society. Kulananda should be like an innocent and helpful.

Kulananda Acharya and his wife Janaki Acharya had come to the office and interrupted the office after 8 pm at that time due to the tears of others. Uttar Pradesh thanked Acharya Dampi for such a prosperous and appealing person in the society, thanking Manakari Kulananda and Janaki, who took the bag and got his lost bag by visiting Arm Arjun.