The heroine was called to be the ministry for being very $exy, the heroine responded not to the ban on playing a movie for 1 year!

A Cambodian heroine has been banned to play a movie for a year. The Ministry of Culture has banned them from playing the film as ‘very $exy’.
24-year-old girl Danny Quan has acted in many films. The culture ministry has also banned ban from playing the movie after breaking the rules.

He said that as many other actresses did not shoot in a sexy role, he has only one million followers in Facebook.
Cambodia has many $exy artists. Some are more erotic than me in the shooting and the k!s!ing censures me. ‘, She said.
‘I know I have the right to dress up accordingly, but our culture and Cambodian people cannot accept this.’ He said, ‘I am as $exy as posting a photo on Facebook, I will try to see that now.’
He said that the Ministry of Culture has been the first heroine to be called and she has explained the daughter very much.