1.50 billion rupees will be liters; Scorpion po!$on will be used in such work

One of the most expensive liquids in the world is the po!son*us po!son. Its price of 1 liters should be $ 10 million, with which Nepalese rupees come to be $ 1.40 billion.
Leirus Quenchritus specie is the major contribution to the drug science of these audio. According to Michael Garevich, a professor of Telecommunications University, these scorpion poisons are used for many medical research and treatment. There are some elements of these scorpions that are used as pesticides. According to Fred Hkinson, Cancer Research Center, published in 2013, these poisonous poisoners can also be prevented from cancer like a cancerous disease.

According to the report, some elements in po!son do not allow cancer factors. This po!son is also useful in organ transplants. Sometimes the body’s immune system implants that part of the body, when the new immune system implants that body, in such case, synthetic changes to some element of this subject, it directly works in the body’s immune system which reduces the body’s chance of rejecting organs. This topic is also useful in body-bone problems. This reduces the bone scaling process. In 2011, a person of Cuban had tested himself with scorpion and also claimed to lose body pain.

The process of removing scorpion po!son is very complicated. To get toxic, these scorpions are placed in special laboratory. The reason comes in their tooth. It is kept safe in a vessel. But this process is very complicated. Only one drop of poison can be extracted from one scorpion. In such a way a po!son*us po!son requires thousands of children. Due to the complicated process and rare scorpion, it is very expensive. The University of Maryland, a scientist, is preparing to make AOLO a vaccine from the same po!son. It is being investigated on other uses.