Ranbir Kapoor came in the middle of the relation of Ritik and Kangana

There is a new turn in the dispute of Ritik Roshan and Kangna Rowaut. In 2014, some of the writings that Kolkata wrote to the ecclesiasts. Kangana also spoke Ranbir Kapoor in it. In this, she also told Deepika Padukone to ‘Meaningless’. Last year, talk about Ranbir and Kangna was discussed after breaking up with Katrina.
According to the report, Kangana wrote in ritual in a match, ‘Ranbir never warned me before queen. Many times I began to feel like a brother. But when he saw the footage of Queen in the office, he appealed to the BMM. He started speaking strangers in video and other things. ‘

Kangana raised the talk of Ranbir, “When I was watching the revolver in Gwalior, he appealed to me directly. I told him that he was in relation to someone else. Then we did not talk for a few days. Then when I was in New York, then he asked me the message – what is the NYC? At that time, have I been ‘attracted to you for a $exual relation?’ Asked, and he said, ‘Why is not a common relationship?’ I refused him because I was in relation to someone else. It was wrong to talk to me at that time. ‘

In one mail, Kangana has declined to check the accountant for checking his inbox, ‘It will be you tram and confusion because you will never know about the whole story and you will come to pieces only. It will keep you in the dark because of which you will begin to think wrong, but you can avoid doing all these things before you can date. I believe you do not do this because I am very clear about my relationship. You do not have to do all these things. ‘

Remember, news was public about Kangana and Ranbir’s relationship in 2016. Ranbir’s Katrina was a break-up at that time, but Ranbir has rejected the news. According to the sources, Ranbir himself is also surprised that who is spreading such news.