Clothes are not jewelry, 21 po!sonous snakes were given to bridegroom as dowry

As we know that every boy will get gifts from girl’s side including different ornaments, land and other basic needs. But here is such a society where a boy is given 21 po!sonous snakes instead of land, ornaments in the marriage. This is not a joke but a tradition started from their ancestors.
Marriage will be broken if snakes in gift is incomplete.

This is an issue of Gauriya society, mid region of India and runs from the beginning. Here a father gives 21 po!sonous snakes to his daughter in the marriage. If the snakes are less or incomplete then the marriage will broke. Snakes are given as a dowry.
There are the reasons to gift
People of Gauriya society catch po!sonous snakes and it is the source of their income. They show the po!sonous snakes to the people and beg money. So they need to gift po!sonous snakes to their daughter that’s why their son-in law can provide sufficient nutrition to their daughter with fear of snake bite.
The most po!sonous
The snakes may be the most po!sonous and a person may die in the first snake bite. Such snakes had been catching by those people.