This lady doesn’t get fear to live with spirit

We became scared when we listen about the spirit. But here is a lady who lives with these fearful souls.
Rebika lives with her do in a house. There present amazing voices of different people. Recently she slept with her dog suddenly a dog opened its eyes and stared at a chair.

It was 2 am in the midnight. Suddenly television on itself and started to run a program then she captured some photos in her mobile phone. But the photos seem scared and some people are sitting on the chair.
Namely, when Rebika told the incident to her neighbors they react that there must be soul of some people and request to do survey on it to those who can identify the soul.
Her father died in 2012 because of Heart attack in the age of 44. She feels that someone is staring at her when she sits in home and believed that her father’s soul is roaming around her to save her.