3 d!ed in bus @cc!dent in Banke

On 10 october, 2017, a bus, travelling to Dhangadi from Kathmandu, got an @cc!dent. As per the latest news, 3 people were de@d and more than 13 people are inj#ured.

A bus from Kathmandu to Dhangadi met @ccident near s bridge of Laukikhola of Bake. 3 were d!ed on it.
A bus number Na 4 Kha 8255 met @ccident in 9:45 am. Two male and one female were d!ed as well as 13 were !njured. Among the de@d on had been identified. Rabindra Pandey is a police officer who works in Biratnagar. One male and female was not identified.
Army police had been rescued after @ccident.