Productivity can be increased by Positive thinking

Today is 25th World Mental Health Day. The World Mental Health Federation has celebrated that day since October 10, 2015 with the aim of advocating it.
The slogan of this year is ‘mental health’ in the field of work.
According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, around 50 million people in the world are suffering from some mental problems. About 1.5 million people suffer from severe mental !llness.

Similarly, one of every four youth has shown a mental problem. 80 percent of those problems are unemployed. 70 percent of them do not want work.
Facts of mental !llness in Nepal are not possible. At T.U Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj, about 100 people come with some mental problems.

About 20 percent of the hardest people are mentally !ll. Regarding 90 percent of regular medicine, the disease is healed.
Many people do not see information about this, simply adding their health to physical health. However, being healthy, both physical and mental needs to be radiant.
The production model cannot work mentally when a person is mentally healthy.
It is necessary to take consciousness on the utility by removing the illusion of mental health.

Mental health at work area
About 70 percent of Nepal’s youth are in employment. The work style hides their overall development. The first home of the young people has become a workplace or workplace. Their personality also depends on work and working environment.
Workflow and environment are thought to be positive if it works in life and causes self-determination. Such environments increase mental productivity.

The working environment is negative, scared, frustrated, and tensile that affects the person’s functionality. And, there is a loss in mental production.
Due to the stress of workforce and stress, problems such as not feeling self-reliance, anger, fear, work of meditation, negative thinking, depression, work of drowsiness, concentration, sleeping, sleeping, etc.
Such problems not only affect the work but also affect physical and mental health.
The problems of angiography and depression in a person can be seen on those who cannot manage problems at the moment. Enzymes and depression are the main issues of mental problems.

Both of these problems affect the ability to work and productivity. According to a statistics, there are more than 100 types of problems related to mental problems. They are also related to psychology.
People’s thinking, feelings and behavior make a serious impact on psychology.
There is a need to discuss mental health for prevention and stress in workflow.