Reply of Dr. Bhattarai, 9 questions about jaundice

What is Jaundice? The jaundice itself is not a disease it?
Jaundice is a condition of increasing the bilirubin in the body.
Illusion: It is a disease itself. It is the symptoms of liver disease.

Real: It’s not a disease. This is only a symptom of angiopathy. As the fever is not a disease in itself, it is a sign that the earliest hearing or the disease has been caused. Similarly, gallbladder jaundice may appear even when the rock.
What are the main reasons of Jaundice?
1. Hepatitis A, E and Thyroid. Due to a waste water.
2. Stone in the galleries.
3. Alcohol intake and cholera disease.
Jaundice is cured properly. Rejuvenating the mouth can only be caused by the opposite.

What are some symptoms in the jaundice?
– Do not like eating,
– Vomiting,
– Do not be sweet
– Laziness,
– Weakness,
– Yellow urine comes,
– Starting yellow from the eye should appear in other parts of the body,
– The right part of the bone (Kokha) pain. etc.

What is the treatment?
1. CBS and LFT from blood,
2. Urine RE and ME from urine,
3. USG (Stomach video x ray)
4. Other investigations according to the doctor’s advice.
There are no symptoms of the above mentioned gender, but many people understand it.
1. Judgment was seen when blood was examined.
2. No matter how much the head left, blood was not only billed in blood.
3. I have been lunar for a long time. The mouth moves only, but blood is not low in blood. Etc.

There are symptoms of jaundice and blood is also high in blood; it is important to understand. Bilirubin can remain a bit higher even when there are no symptoms of jaundice. LFT checks also include ALT / AST (SGPT/ SGOT) test blood bill with bilirubin. If it is normal, do not have to come.
In some cases, there are no symptoms of gender but, whenever blood is examined, bilirubin 2-3 and ALT / AST (SGPT/ SGOT) are normal. This situation is very much. It is not a disease of gland or kidney. Someone who is born blindly overflows over others. These are not symptoms of gender, but bleeding 2-3 and ALT / AST (SGPT/ SGOT) are normal when examining blood.
Drinking less water, insomnia, eating more meat, increases physical activity, bills can increase compared to other times. But ALT / AST (SGPT/ SGOT) are always normal. It is called Gilbert Syndrome. Others do not have to walk while treatment is said. It is good to set water in excess of this situation.

What are the main reasons for the long run of the jaundice?
1. Alcohol intake and cholera disease,
2. Hepatitis B, C (from blood, unsecured $exual intercourse, from the use of drugs from the needle, and moving from the mother to the children)
3. Cyrusis (after collapse of cloves).

How to Treat?
Jaundice is not to be treated. It became like a paracetamol when it came to a fever. Cure diseases should be treated. It is better to consult and treat with stomach and acne. There is no problem of being stressed. Purified water should be consumed more.

Some confusion about the jaundice
1. Jaundice has a successful treatment from liver tinnix.
2. Drinking alcohol also drinks after lining the liver tunic.
3. The liver is not damaged after eating liver tunic.

Do not waste the warehouse.
1. Juice juice grows in berries and does not eat the salt.
2. Only one should eat it.
3. Even though cooking is not to use oil, oil should not be used.

The reality
1. Drinking more water. But water should be boiled or filtered.
2. Glucose water is said to eat juice of fruit when the mouth is moisturized. The choice of juicy water in the fruit is as sweet and neutral. It does not affect the liver. Sakinasaki Mawa, do not have to go for exploring sugarcane. If a handful of hand-boiled and water is dirty, it is not beneficial, but vice versa.
3. Regular morning-evening, Dalabhat Khan joins. Cooking is a small amount of oil to use. However, frying oil and eating stars should not be eaten. Likewise, fast food, such as junk food, meat, chaumine should not be eaten.
4. Drinking drinks such as coke, Pepsi, is h@rmful.
5. The food mixes like a regular diet.
6. Many times, patients do not get nutritious elements to eat it. The disease becomes weak by not eating more than the juice. Due to which many patients come to treat gastritis and ulcer.
Therefore, there may be a lot of grief in the course of which patients who suffer from unwanted face and not a doctor, who follow Jharfuk and other treatments, may have been diagnosed with cancer.