Sister and brother both suff*r from skin cancer, Problems in treatment due to the lack of economic condition

Dilaram Aryal of Malika village municipality-6 is in p@in now. Among three children two are suff*ring from skin disease.
15 years old son Naresh and 21 years old daughter Tulasha have skin cancer. Naresh is talented in his studied but Tulasha is backward because of her eyes problems. They are in small family but there is economic problem in the family. They treat both of them and the treatment cost is high. Even they are a small family they face problem in the family. His employment is simple and arranging the payment for both of them. Now he is in problem.

His son was suff*ring after six month of his born but didn’t care about it. Now both of them suff*r at once. Now the disease transfer with his sister and producing new skin which creates problems in Tulasha’s eye and Naresh’s ear.
Tulasha left her school in class 6 when her eyes didn’t support her and they have chances of being well but they need to suffer their whole life with a disease because there is lack of economic condition. Naresh said that they are collection the donation and doing their treatment in Teaching Hospital of Kathmandu and sister’s treatment is holding on because of payment.

According to Teacher Shivalal Bhattrai of Arj Secondary School, Naresh spent 7 months in the hospital for his treatment but also brings good marks in his studies. He will be a good and hard worker if he gets well treatment.
Doctor suggested them not to go in the sunlight but Naresh need to walk 2 hours to reach the school. According to family member they had spent 15 lakhs for their treatment. And Dilaram is ready to sell his land for their treatment. They both need to consume expensive medicine and love them. He need to spend 1 lakh 50 thousand at once.
The head of ward was introduced with Dilaram’s family but not able to help. And he said that he will play the role to manage the money from health insurance that was started by a government.