Exercise of childhood: Reduction of obesity and cancer

Now obesity has become like infectious disease around the world, which leads to unhealthy lifestyle. Fatness increases r!sk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Measures and regular exercises have been considered to be healthy for the sake of health and reducing the r!sk of !llness due to lifestyle. Healthy practitioners say regular exercise, physically challenging children, and increase r!sk of cancer and obesity compared to physically inactive children.

Exercise plays an important role in reducing the r!sk of negative effects such as fatty acids called by many smooth foods. A recent study shows that teenagers who regularly exercise will reduce obesity, heart disease, and r!sk of cancer. Detailed descriptions of this study are published in ‘The Journal Frontiers in Physiology’. Many studies have shown that the energy remains intact in our bones even after the study has stopped exercising.

The research team conducted a study mouse in comparison with various types of foods (chloride), compared to the healthy and digestive activity of the muscles. They reduced ‘activity molecule’ activity to inform about the genealogy of Bono in Myanmar. Even very smooth in the study, the genus generated by irritation was found in exercise of exercise.

‘More importantly, Mouse left exercise, after a long time, the effect of exercise was halfway in life,’ Molecular Jewell Justin O’Suulbhan of New Zealand’s University of Auckland said, ‘Bone-maro found the effect of exercise. The thickness of the obesity was protecting mice from the negative effect of many lubricated foods.

Because of the time of study, childhood and adolescence, the time for the growth and growth of the bones of our body, the exercises at this time showed that even under the age of middle-aged, they would be healthy. ‘Your’ Bone-mass’ is as fast as possible, in the youth, in the same proportion in the same age as a bone or a problem of bones, “says Elvin Forth of the University of Auckland’s Legislative Institute.

Furthermore, after studying a meal, the mood of exercising showed that the flow of energy flow changed. That is, the change of energy flow found that the bad effects of many lubricated foods have been deteriorated.