How mush healthy is dry food??

We know that green and juice is more attractive to see fruits, similar to health. Compared to that, the importance of dry frying is not less. Wheat chaired dry feet are more nutrition than fresh fruit.
We are discussing, dry fruits like cashews, raisen, pistachios, paperboard and pigs. The reason for these fruits is more nutritious, when the water is dry, the fiber and nutrients are even more intense in the fruit.

Fresh arumama is found only 1.6 grams of fiber, and half a cup of dry flour contains 4.7 gm fiber. Dry fruit also contains abundant anti-oxidants and vitamin B fittings.
A large study of epidemic was linked to more than 13 thousand people, who compared to eating dry fruits did not conclude that foods would get abundant nutrition and not lose weight.
Drivers are considered very useful for the player. It contains plenty of natural sugar (natural sugar), which instantly enhances the muscle energy to the necessary curtain.

However, it may be more nutritional to consume only natural sugar carbohydrates and calories, not consuming excessive amounts of calories. As a cup of sugar contains 23 grams of sugar and 100 grams of calories. However, one cup of monocaid contains 166 grams of sugar and 500 grams of calories.
The US Dietary Guidelines has suggested eating fruits for two to three cups daily, half of which is made of fresh fruit.
For diabetic patients, it is a different way of eating dry fruits.
Most nutritionists have suggested 2 teaspoons (about 15 grams) for dry diabetes as one-time carbohydrate meal, ‘says Nutritionist and Diabetes Aggregator Lori Janine.

For example, 2 gram carbohydrates are equal to 15kg of moisture. But, in the same amount, Lori says eating half a cup of grapes for carbohydrates. For carbohydrates, half British bourgeois (18 grams carbohydrates) should be eaten.
Overall, dry fruits are nutrition able, convenient and easy to cook. It is more likely to eat it by mixing it with different types of varieties.

However, some dry fruits include added amount of artificial sugar, and as a sugar sheet, if eating dry cranberry, dry groundwater, it is necessary to be aware of some alert. Likewise, all the sulfite or psychiatric patients say they have to eat organic dry fruits without sulfur dioxide.