Skin feeding and useful 7 foods

After the facial and skin of the skin, a lot of us begin to be worried about the old age. We cannot use different glyph, vitamins and loins to remove skin care. Some have surgery.
All of them may have somehow instantly tried to hide the cheerfulness, even though they cannot go away from the depths of the problem. Because it’s main reason is to be associated with our lifestyle and food.

To stay young, we do not have to spend much of our expenses or surgery; we can focus on our life style and diet. In our body and brain we have the most effective food. Compared to which the effect of a lace or a cream is minimized.

Why should the skin be empty?
Skin feeding is the main two reasons. The collagen that is on the skin works to maintain the skin’s skin. However, continuous sunlight collapses the amount of collagen. Due to its decrease, the skin begins to flourish. Also, along with age, the skin becomes thin, dry and loses elasticity.
Because all these places are open, the sun starts regularly. Then, the effect of pollution, smoking, and overweight, lack of water, food, stress, and living style begins with skin.

How does the food protect the skin?
Various researches have been made on the effects of eating food on the skin. A 2001 study found an unusual fact about the cause of skin cancer.
The study conducted in three different countries concluded the need for food and sweet food to protect antioxidant and negative effects from sunlight to protect the skin from the skin.
Some foods available in the diet are also necessary to maintain the skin of the skin.
It is necessary to include these foods in our diet to keep the skin safe from the pasture.

Cereals families eat food such as body, body, Latin, gram, peas. Cereals contain abundant fiber, fiber, protein and antioxidant, which is very beneficial for the skin. It removes the corrupt Toxin from the body before the skin goes to the digestive system.
Cereals and vitamin E are a very good source. Both of these vitamins protect the skin from the ultraviolet ray. Antioxidant power increases as two times when both vitamins consume together. Body foods should not be eaten for protein once they eat some time in the body, and Latin.

Vitamin Cotton Foods
Foods with high vitamin Cucumber reduces skin drying and chlorine. Since Vitamin C is antioxidant, it reduces the oxidational effect of the game. Acid dative effects may also be due to lack of nutritional food, stress and pollution.

Vitamin Eating Foods
Vitamin Eating Foods also protect the skin from cheese. Vitamin A is found in two types of beta-carotene and active vitamin A. Beta-carotene is found in most of the yellow fruit, vegetables, and active vitamin A is found in cereals and cereals such as cereals and nuts.
Vitamin A is used in two ways. Eating from the first meal and straightening the skin as a retinal. This Christmas specialist presents the crew. However, after eating abundant vitamin efficient foods, you do not have to go to the dermatologist.

Olive oil
Even if skin is dry, there is a lot of grass. Increasing the amount of water, mosquitoes somehow in the amount of water, but in the absence of the food containing the appropriate substances, skin cells cannot collect water with them and the skin becomes dry.
Olive oil provides two types of skin. It is also a good substance to provide skin with the skin to collect water and it is also the best antioxidant. It contains more than Vitamin E oil than other vegetable plants. In addition, anti-oxidants such as vitamin A and lutin are found in olive oil. All of these nutrition keeps the skin soft.

Use olive oil on salads or other dishes. Even if the food is lightened, it can be used in a few temperatures. However, eating oil in olive oil should not be dipped. Because most of the healthy healthy things are lost in it. Although olive oil is completely healthy, it also contains calories. So using a meal or salad is enough to have one or two big spots.
Potassium foods
Potassium is usually the electrolyte found in fruits and vegetables. Potassium plays an important role in balance of the amount of liquids in our body’s cells. This decreases the effect of sodium reducing the amount of water in the body and balance the amount of water in the fund by keeping the skin soft and moisturized.
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, the amount of essential potassium can be supplied to any other body. Palongo, banana and avocodoma are the most potassiums. Due to the food we have plenty of salt, sodium produces dehydration and is a skin feed. Therefore, potassiumed foods need to be sufficient enough to cope with sodium and to prevent skin poultry.
Abundant omega-3 is found to be useful for fish skin and health. Omega-3 is essential for protecting the skin from keeping the skin moisturized. Omega-3 does not allow skin drying because of maintaining liquidity in the body of our bodies and reducing the body’s pain and polio. If the skin is smooth and shiny, then add at least two to three times a fresh fish meal. Salmon, Macarel, Sordin, Albacore and Tuna Fish are found in the Omega-3.
Protected Foods
It is necessary to have enough proteins to keep the skin healthy. Due to the formation of skin from our skin, skin cells are dry and dead, not enough proteins. The skin is as bright as possible, the skin is as bright as possible. Chicken meat, fish, eggs, goosegads, lentils and dairy products find abundant proteins.