Such problems may not come to adolescent nutrition

Nutrition and health related matters usually focus on the child, the elderly and the woman. Adolescence-related malnutrition is not specifically discussed. However, good nutrition is available in adolescents, the r!sk of various diseases and malnutrition can be avoided. In adolescent rapidly physical diagnosis and mental development and emotional ascendancy, which increase their nutritional demand and also influence the diet.
The age group up to 10 to 19 years is called adolescence. At the age of hormone, studying busyness, new friends and social activities, their catering greatly changes. Fast-food, junk, beverage comes in front of their catering.

In the lifetime of one’s life, the nutritional element of the child, the elderly, adolescents and adolescents require adolescence. Adolescent adults need proper nutrition to enter adolescent adults. Adolescent malnutrition reduces $exu@l growth and does not completely allow body and bone development. Also, adolescents should give proper nutrition to adhere to adolescent condition and do not have food problems (chemotherapy, coughing, bone etc.).
Nutrition has a great impact on adolescent changes in physical change. Therefore, eating adequate quantity (grain, kidney, milk-curd etc.) is important for correct physical growth and development. Adolescence reduces food, food, sports, consumption, smoking habits, due to acne, which reduce the power of energy and other nutritional ties. This does not cause proper physical growth and development. The following elements should pay attention to the lack of nutrition in adolescence.
Protein: Adolescence increases the height of the person. In this case, the decrease of protein reduces the height of youth and also effect the development of different hormones.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates work to give energy to the body. In our body, especially for the brain to work, especially carbohydrate is required. There is no doubt that eating carbohydrate is not enough for teens. Most of the teenagers remove carbohydrate from the food in the desire to be lean, which has a long-term impact on their health. Hence, teenagers should include carbohydrate according to the needs of their catering. Carbohydrates should also be given priority to carbohydrate not processed. There are sources of grain (rice, wheat, maize), potato, Sakarkhanda carbohydrates.

Smooth substance: The smooth substance gives strength to the body and also helps in vitamin digestion. Therefore, food should also contain a good substance. However, attention should be taken from what source comes from. Generally, smooth substance like fish, olive oil, gourmet oil, peanut, and ochar can be said to be good. Chloe like junk-filled substances, coconut oil, navy ghee, can be carefully included in a small quantity of food.
Celsius : The demand for calcium in adolescence is more than the other times. Calcium foods (milk, yogurt etc.) should be sufficiently consumed due to the maximum bone growth in this condition. Nowadays, teenagers are coke, drinks like Pepsi, alcohol addiction, which displays milk and curd as well as not allow proper growth of bones. A teenage teenager who has a problem of milk disorders should eat calcium juice, powdery, cauliflower, broccoli etc. Consumption of calcium can be avoided due to bone problems and bone breaks.

Iron: Due to this rapid growth of physical growth, blood sugar activity is faster and the uranium goes on increasing. Furthermore, in the same situation, the juveniles’ reinforcement should start paying attention to iron intake. Adolescents should eat adequate food items (fish, meat, green vegetable, life, china, peas, roam, mangal, raisen, tomatoes etc). The iron body that is found in the diet of meaty foods is easy to eat, but the dietary supplements of vitamin food require vitamin C to ease it easily. Therefore eating vegetarian foods such as vitamin citrus foods, such as leakages, is intriguing.
Zinc: Zinc is essential for physical development and $exu@l maturity. If there is a shortage of zinc, s*x organs with body does not have to be well-diagnosed. Therefore teenagers should include gymnastics foods (fuels, fish, non-processed grains, peasants, cashews, green cats etc.).
In addition to the above mentioned above, minerals and vitamins are required to include food in their food. For that, food, gooseberry, fishermen, eggs, milk, curd, fruits and vegetables should be mixed with the correct proportion. Teens should not leave food at any outlet and add extra food, junk food, beverages, coke, Pepsi, alcohol etc.
The right decision taken by adolescents can be avoided by various diseases related to malaria. For this, every member of the family should take appropriate advice and care.
College and schools should also modify courses according to nutrition and healthy lifestyle and provide healthy food and provide recreational exercise / sports facilities within the college’s hazards.