Untimely Hairfall may be Symptoms of weak heart failure

Early hair may indicate white disease of heart disease. According to the study, a person who starts skin hair before age is more likely to be more likely to lead to normal disease.
This study has been presented at the annual meeting of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, from Managua in Spain on April 6 to 8. Researchers from Egypt’s Cairo University have shown this result after studying hundreds of adults.

According to the study, the organic process of organizing the fat in the internal wall of the artery and the hair of hair is very similar. Age increases and grows in both.
This kind of thing is present in this process, such as age symptoms in the working class, with the change of broken DNA, stress, hearing, hormones.
A step in the arteriency of arteriosclerosis is that in which the internal wall of the artery feels fat. This step called atherosclerosis states that blood circulation leads to artery due to this phase.
In the study, if there is a heart disease in participants, there is no damage to the heart blood of the heart, the city’s internal state of the artery was checked through the coronary angiography technology.
Participants participated in two groups on the basis of heart disease and heart disease in research. Researchers on the basis of white hair set a mark for different stages of hair white. According to this, the whole black hair has been fixed for 1 mark, white for black, two points for black, black and white, equal to 3 points, 4 points for dark black, and 5 points for whole white hair.
Each participant’s number was confirmed by two independent supervisors. Statistics of traditional factors such as diabetes, stress, blood pressure, genetic history of heart diseases, were also collected.
Analysis of all statistics showed that the hair of the participant was white, and the r!sk of heart disease was more. Factors associated with age and heart diseases did not have any effect on it.
According to the research, although the actual age is low, the septic follicle describes the person’s increased biological age. It may be a sign of heart disease warning.