The baby got healthy while letting her mother-in-law look asleep

My house is in the poor village of Jumla. The level of consciousness is very low here. When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law used to say, ‘Do not miss the goat’s baby’s stomach. The greasy, the flesh does not dry in the heart. Lite should not eat with you. ‘ Because of the traditional consciousness,he said that. He told me that he or she had heard me not having a problem with the child in my stomach. But, he was wrong.

I just learned to hear from the woman’s health volunteer sister that the thing she heard was wrong. Earlier in my village my perception was in my opinion. Similarly, many children were adolescent and patient. I had previously seen a child was born safely due to health volunteer and mother and child was healthy. At that same time I had full faith in them. When I was insulted by what I thought was unclean, I was cooked all over.
The mother in law did not say what she should eat. All these nutritional and pregnancy must be eaten. If the woman health volunteer had eaten all these things, she said that the baby would be healthy and heartfelt. At that same time, I did not listen to the mother-in-law of Luckily. Now my child is ill. The children of the food are weak. First, mother had to make no life. The child will be healthy after he eats. If my child was not considered as a volunteer, I would not even have been healthy. I have made the kids stronger and healthy than others.
People who previously used to hide and hide the past have come to know that you are right now. There is a tradition that does not allow some nutritious food to eat. How can we treat the sleeping situation, and do not eat it? You need to learn such things. I have said that everyone should eat nourishing and balanced foods, whatever they want.
Source:Free Nepali News