What is Tonsillitis?

We often consider the problem of tonsil that appears in the child. Without proper treatment of common problem of tonsil p@in, heart failure may occur in the future, bath, heart disease. This disease can lead to heart surgery and make a good return. Even after the surgery, the patient needs to eat the medicine throughout his life.

Starting from a common problem of endangering the pain and d@maging the heart’s well at the end, this disease makes the heart very weak and the heart’s heart loses. Therefore, experts say medical advice are necessary when the tonsil problem is problematic.
Talking to the senior council, senior ear, nose, neck specialist Dr. Tonsil said, adding that the Tonsil will be suffering more than four months now. Rakesh Prasad Shrivastav says, ‘Adults see this problem, but it primarily persists more than 3 to 8 years of children.’
There is no detailed study on the problem of the tunnel in our country. According to the American Academy of Auto-operational Head and Nec Surgery, almost all of the children in the United States suffer tensile problems at least once. Due to the progress of treatment in the medical and surgical treatment, due to the complexity generated by the tonsil, the incident has been imminent.
It is mainly due to the virus or bacterial infection. Dr. T. As a result of the virus, no specific treatment is necessary except for the symptoms of tonsillitis. Says Shrivastava, “If there is infection caused by bacteria, there may be a need to treat through the antibiotics.”
This problem of virus is up to 5-6 days. Tonsillitis caused by bacteria can be diminished by 8-10 days. Shrivastav says.
Tonsillitis symptoms are similar to the child and adults. It is common to be once again in 6 months after the Tonsillitis. But if 5 times or more of this problem is seen in the year, it is suggested to be a ‘chronic / old’ problem as well.
Even when the problem of Tonsillitis seen, our society has a tendency to turn cold, polite and goat. But there is no scientific fact behind this. ‘Doctors not only give cold, nutritious, piercing advice, just for the patient’s satisfaction. There is no scientific fact behind it, ‘Dr. Shrivastava says, ‘It is not necessary to save something in the tonsil.’
What are you tonsil?
The size of the rim is visible to both sides of the neck inside our mouth. Tonsil is a section of the lymphatic system. This system removes infection by keeping the body fluid in balance.
Therefore the tensile is also known as the gates of the neck. The tonsil does not allow us to enter any of the germs from the mouth and the nose. That means, protects from external infections.
What is Tonsillitis?
Our tonsil infection is called Tonsillitis. The tonsil combines bacteria with the mouth or nose entering the body to destroy it, and in this case, at any time itself, it becomes infected by hearing it. When we do this, we say ourselves as Tonsillitis.
Tonsil Sets?
Tensil is not a disease-related disease from one person to another. But viruses and bacteria that produce tensileitis can move from one person to another.
• Hurt the neck
• The neck of the neck is heard
• The fever comes
• Tonsil red
• Show white or yellow layer in the tensile
• Eating food / tiredness
• Grind breathing
• Headache