Prisoner sent brother Rita to her brother

Mother saw the son of grandma (elderly son), who had gone to take the water together. However, even when he asked, the son did not agree to what he had done.
On that day, Rita took her sister Rita alone and stole her face. But the boy opened everything. She became angry with her brother.

After the brother told the brother that he had kept his secret body long and unnatural $exu@lly, the agony of Rita flew. The brother who had done this long-term brother, told him.

A few days after the complaint registered, the police team from the District Police Office, Biratnagar, arrested him. The police sent the accused to the District Police Office, Belbari.

Wild behavior done by ‘forest guard’!

Another incident was again reversed in the house of Rita’s house in the morning. Keshav Prasad Ghatiwada, 68, of the same village tried to commit $exu@l abuse on his nine-year-old brother-in-law’s excuse to watch small children.

Khatwada, who was already taking care of the work of priesthood in the village and was about to grow older, was contacted by the phone immediately at the Area Police Office immediately.

After receiving the news, Khatiwada was arrested for the same day.

The next incident, Rita, who was fighting against her brother, made another tension.

The families of his family had reached a complaint that the villagers were treated differently after making a complaint. On the way, the villagers started insulting and humiliated by being abusive.

However, Rita, who worked on the Wall Club, did not leave behind. The perpetrator continued to be punished by the offender. Then all the people started talking to boycott her family and village.

After such a threat came from his own village society, Rita had intended to get justice.

Rita was also the vice president of District Child Club Network Sunsari, with friends of Known Morang. He told some of the friends working in the area in Morang.

Asmita Bhattarai, Prasis Rai, Navin Rai, Bhimraj Adhikari, Surendra Ghimire and Rita along with him. From this, Sethil Bansekki’s retirement increased. Rita was in the family, and she hopes her friends.

She says that some of the v!ct!m’s activists are active to reduce the issue of abusive violence. According to him, while going to the market, the family members are trying to accelerate the issue by stopping the girls, threatening girls, and giving temptation to the girl. But, even Rita has not become discouraged.

She has now become a guide to the village of Aapatyar. In the next week’s verdict, how is the court looking at the child’s adolescence.

Source: Online Khabar