Symptoms and Preventative Measures of Rheumatoid

What are you doing?
Bharatogu is a type of ‘autoimune vaccine’. That is, the body’s contraceptive power causes bacteria to affect the body’s part. Breeders are very different. Different types of Rheumatoids show different symptoms.
However, all the symptoms generally show signs of p@in and hearing. It can h@rm any body part of the body (such as heart, kidney, fox, brain, crows, etc.) in addition to haz@rdousness. Patient of rheumatoid also takes life even if he is not treated at the time.

How many Patients of Rheumatoid have in Nepal?
Now there is a lot of ‘Arthritis Rheumatoid. There is no doubt that many people in Nepal are infected. However, according to the Factor of the American College of Neumatologist, it may seem baffled by 10 percent of the total population. If it is based on this, there can be an estimated 3-4 million people in Nepal.
In Nepal, there has been various public awareness programs related to Indian audiences. The National Center for Psychological Digg is collecting data related to bastrogen.

What age group does this disease seem to be more?
People of any age group can see bacterial symptoms. After getting older, see the symptoms of this disease, it is called ‘Let Uncursed Arthritis’. Most of the type of Rheumatoids diseases include Arthritis Rheumatoid or ‘prototype arthritis’.

What causes the disease?
This disease is not a disease of germs and germs. This auto immune system is a disease in which zones are affected. Your immune system is a disease that is causing yourself. There is no reason for being mentally illogical. It should be protected from the smoke of cold water and smoke. The polluted environment and smoke of the smoke increase the bath.

Symptoms of Bastrochemicals
Early joins p@in,
morning, puffing , kneeing
night and morning pain,
eating in the morning, drying, pounding in pain, and tearing around, not, heel pain (often, when),
Jiu and quick fatigue of galne, muscles weaken,
skin rash or free Second persistent wound,
the cold blue of the work of hands, swelling. Etc.
Measures to avoid bacteria

People who have gout bacteria should not eat food like jadoxi, cigarettes, roamas, dry cereals, and golves. Since chronic pain is caused by chronic pain, cold shoulders, cold water, and cold water and cigarettes should be protected from the smoke.
How to Detect?
As soon as the !llnesses and symptoms of the patient are examined, most of them find the disease. Sometimes blood pressure and exhausted aid should be taken to understand how harder bacteria are or what types of Rheumatoid.
If you ignore Bhatogu, you may die. Therefore, bacterial therapy can be cured and cured in time. The complicated type of sensitivity, its observation is very expensive and it is difficult to cure completely.