Drug abuse, illusion and truth about rabies disease

With regard to the fact that a woman’s daughter has been relieved, she has not been framed many days after Friday. He came to the hospital with fear and frustration, and lost his brother due to the reason of the release. The brother did not allow her neighbor to play with her daughter’s loss.

This problem has been seen in the society not yet ineligible or unclear about the rabies. The health workers have not made complete information about the rabies or lack of directories, blindness, lack of consciousness programs, absence of research, and death of them after the disease has been imposed due to lack of information about the registry.

The neglected rabies disease is such a traumatic disease, as well as the disease that is ignored or less discussed. Every year on December 28, the World Rabies Day is not widely observed like other diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer days. The information media will not be able to discuss it.
Based on my experience of more than a decade, there is only an effort to reduce and confuse the illusion of radius disease and others.
Here is the protocol released by addressing some kind and illusion from the Government of Nepal.

1) Malami should not be vaccinated when the rabies patient dies, gave, and died due to the rehab.
2) Will not be vaccinated if the infected bite is taken to the area where the head of the infected wound will not be vaccinated.
4) No patient / vaccine will be taken before the symptoms of the disease are not consumed.
5) The milk of the rabies disease should not be eaten / vaccinated.
6) home field rat or bite chucundrole / tetanus vaccine to listen to, but if you take injections
7) some cheese monkey around at the temple khosda bite / vaccine at the same time to listen to, but at the same time Erailai crushed advice from the vaccine

Besides, these are more frequently asked question
1. The person who is looking for the patient to be patient or touched? No
2 Does the rabies play with a family who cares for the patient? No
3 What a dog dog or animal die after a month? Do not need to be needle, because it is dead within 10 days if a rabbit has a dog.
4. Dogs do not know the condition of that dog a few months back in the foot or in any part, and if the dog does not know the condition, then as soon as possible.
5. What does the blood of the rabies take to the patient? Need not be made because the rabies virus does not run from blood
6. What do the wild animals do on the bite? Quick Needle Because there is no information about the rabies in the wild animals.
. What do you do with a piggy pig, horse, rabbit or a monkey? Do not need to be needle.
8. Pregnant women should not need to digestive ‘out of the dog with a needle on the hat.
9. What is the dog’s eat it? The symptoms should not be shown if the symptoms are not shown.
10. Says Reebidge Needle Other Fitness Complications? What is right Some people may have a commonly used needle to hurt, dig, burn, lightly fever.
11. Reizidge is the only one-made accessible needle. No, full dose should be five.
Even in the Kathmandu valley, not only outside the training could be trained from time to time, even if there is a need to lose life due to the reason of the radiation. Moreover, doubts, disruptions and frustration that will raise the citizens about the rabies will also help to solve. The government seems to think differently about this.