Stay in the womb like this

To be pregnant, many things should be combined. In some cases pregnancy is first or foremost in $exu@l intercourse, but this is not always the case. At the time of $exu@l intercourse, some of the millions of sparks of male spirits appear to be in the lung home and go to the lentil and then tobacco. There are only one of the most commonly used spots of eggs.

Pregnancy can also be understood as:
A result of removal of women’s eggs once a month. Typically 14 days after the start of monthly degradation, the obe removal occurs. At that time the cunt remains pregnant if it is a liquid whit inside or after the ovum (within two days) starts with the sperm. The illness associated with the 11th day of the image below is the probability, the possibility of living on the 14th day of the removal can be third, from the 11th to 15th day, contacting yurts can be infected.
Things to know are:
Stored from 24 to 48 hours in ovum, which can survive for 72 hours or more within the female coconut, usually due to ninth days, sexual intercourse with ninth days will decrease the likelihood of pregnancy. Along with fine 28 months, this formula can not work even if it is too late.
Protective periods should be used as contraceptive for the duration of the month of month for at least 6 months. After reducing 18 days from the shortest month of pregnancy, the first day of pregnancy can be found, if the last day is reduced to 11 days, the last day can be found pregnant. For example, if a woman has a 24-day fast and delayed 31 days later, 24, 18. 6 Yes, i.e. after sixth day may be pregnant. Like 31-31. 20 Yes, that is, I am not pregnant after the 20th day. The remedial and correct use of condoms is essential for preventing these diseases, but preventing HIV and infection from HIV infection.